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Nike (760)

Nike is a globally renowned sports brand that produces all types of shoes. Here are some common Nike shoes Basketball shoes: Nike Reps produces basketball shoes that usually have a high-top design to provide foot support and cushioning. the Air Jordan series is one of Nike's most well-known basketball shoes.Running shoes: Nike's running shoes feature lightweight and comfortable, mostly with breathable mesh and soft soles. Among them, the Nike Free series is a popular lightweight running shoe.Casual shoes:  Among them, the Air Max series and Cortez series are some of the popular casual shoes.Skate shoes: Nike's skate shoes are designed with wear-resistant materials and special soles to provide better grip and support. Among them, the SB Dunk series is a highly popular shoe for skateboarders.Overall, Nike shoes are versatile and adaptable, and cover many sports and fashion areas. Whether you are an athlete or a fashion lover, you can find the right product in Nike Fake shoe collection.

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